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About Us

About the company

Skylur is India’s last minute app. Trusted by millions, it is your everyday online grocery shopping app that home-delivers 5000+ daily groceries in just a blink. Buy milk products, fresh fruits & vegetables, daily grocery, kitchen, home & office items by shopping for them online on Skylur. Enjoy easy and smooth app experience with quick delivery. ⏰


βœ… Best price and quality fresh fruits & vegetables

βœ… Milk, curd, bread, butter, eggs, cheese, paneer & other daily grocery

βœ… Snacks, biscuits, chips, ice cream, chocolates

βœ… Cold drinks, ice, bottle opener

βœ… Atta, rice, dal, oil, masalas, noodles

βœ… Personal care, detergent, cleaning supplies

βœ… Diapers & baby care

βœ… Pet food

βœ… Bulbs, batteries, mobile chargers

βœ… Emergency medicines, thermometer

βœ… Kitchen tools like chopper, blender, grinder

βœ… Puja needs

βœ… Stationery

βœ… Smart watches, LED lights, Headphones

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